Pay-Per-Use Teleradiology Services for Imaging Centers

Is your Radiologist on leave? Or is there a sudden spike on your workload? Now there is an easy and convenient way to get your reporting done for modalities like CT and MRI. Upload the images (in DICOM format) produced by your CT/MRI to our website and we will get the reporting done for you by qualified Radiologists on our panel. You will get the report online in a very short time and you can print it through your local printer.

Note:Pay-per-use reporting is currently offered only for modalities CT, MRI, X-Ray, and Mammogram. It is mandatory that all images produced by these modalities must be in DICOM format only.

Pay-per-use Teleradiology Services is based on the model that you make a payment for one-time use of the service offered by Lexicon. Lexicon provides the service of interpreting images (DICOM format) produced by modalities like CT or MRI by a qualified Radiologist on its panel. Consumers of this service are under no obligation to continue with this service for a long term nor are they required to sign any kind of service agreement with Lexicon or make any other commitments to avail this service.

To avail the “pay-per-use” service, the first time customer is required to register on the Lexicon Teleradiology website. To do this, the user can click on the “Start Now” button on the Homepage. They will be taken to the login page where you have the option to register yourself as a first time user of the system. A valid email ID will be required for registration. Credentials to access the Lexicon application will be mailed to this email ID.

Once you are registered with our system, you will be able to access our web application designed to provide you a smooth experience of transferring your DICOM images to our panel of Radiologists. All that will be required at your end is a high speed broadband internet connection for uploading the images and a person (or a Technician who operates the modality) who knows where the DICOM images produced by the modality (CT or MRI) are stored on the computer or any other storage device at your center. This person should be capable of transferring the DICOM images to a computer or a location from where it can be uploaded to the Lexicon server over the internet (images can either be transferred over the internal LAN or copied on a CD/DVD or pen-drive and then transferred to the computer that has the internet connection). You can then upload the DICOM image sets, one patient at a time.

Note: You can refer to the “Help” section of the Lexicon website and study the topic “How to upload images from CT or MRI”.

Once you have uploaded all the image sets of patients, you will be taken to the order confirmation section. Here you will be informed about the total cost for reporting based on the number of patients, type of modality and body segment. You will also be informed about the expected time of delivery of report (will vary based on the workload but will be within 6 hours of submission). If you accept this, you will be taken to the payment section.

For making a payment, you will be required to enter the details of your valid credit card (all popular international credit cards are accepted) over a secure internet connection. On successful payment processing you will receive an invoice confirming that your payment has been received and order is under processing.

To access the report, you will be required to login into the Lexicon web application. You can go to the “List of Patients” section inside the application, search for the specific patient and then either “print” the report or download it to your local desktop. All old reports will be available in your account for a period of 3 months from date of submission.

Note: You can refer to the “Help” section of the Lexicon website and study the topic “How to view or print a report”.

The Doctors on the panel of Lexicon are professionally qualified to practice as Radiologists within Indian territory and their professional interpretation of the radiology reports are legally accepted in India. For other countries, customers/patients are advised to check the rules and regulations governing the submission of images, interpretation and reporting related to Radiology (or nuclear medicine) in their respective countries. Lexicon strictly assumes no liability for any medico-legal case or otherwise arising out of non-compliance of any such rule or regulation prevailing in those countries. Furthermore lexicon advices clinical evaluation of the radiology reports and the interpretation so provided by personally visiting a qualified medical practitioner or a specialist in the concerned branch of medicine.