How to view or print a report


  1. Internet Browser used is Chrome”.
  2. Should be logged-in as a user for an Imaging Center.


  1. If you are a new customer and have just signed-up for tele-radiology services, then Click on the “Search” button as shown below.Else, enter values for one or more fields like Patient Code, Patient Name, Modality, Date Range to help narrow the list of entries that will be retrieved. Then click on the “Search” button as shown below.
  1. You will get a list of entries that are displayed on your screen.
  1. Select a patient from the list. Go to the column named “Print Report” and click on “Print” for the patient selected.
  1. Following page opens displaying the print option on the left panel and the report on the right panel.
  1. You can view the report on the right side. Size of the letters can be increased/decreased by using the zoom-in or zoom-out feature available in the floating toolbar (shown in picture below).
  1. You can print the report by using the “print” button shown below or you can use the local machine’s print options also indicated below.
  1. End of instructions.