How to post queries to the Doctor or Radiologist


  1. Internet Browser used is Chrome”.
  2. Should be logged-in as a user for an Imaging Center.
  3. Email ID should be set in the user profile of the logged in user.
  4. At least one or more patient entries must exist in the system.


  1. If you are a new customer and have just signed-up for tele-radiology services, then Click on the “Search” button as shown below.Else, enter values for one or more fields like Patient Code, Patient Name, Modality, Date Range to help narrow the list of entries that will be retrieved. Then click on the “Search” button as shown below.
  1. You will get a list of entries that are displayed on your screen. Go to the “Query” column and click on the “View” link for any patient. (Note that whatever query or question you post to the Doctor will be in the context of the selected patient.)
  1. Go to the “Query” column and click on the “View” link for any patient entry. The following screen will open.
  1. Type your query or question in the “Comment” box and save. Your query will be posted to the assigned Doctor working on this case.


  1. When the Doctor responds to your query, you will receive an email notification. You can also check on this screen if any response has been received. For every response received, the number next to the “View” link in the “Query” column gets incremented. You can view the Doctor’s response by clicking on the “View” link shown below.
  1. Response from the Doctor will be displayed on this screen. The entire history of discussion with the Doctor will be visible.
  1. End of instructions.