How to lock reports of patients


  1. Internet Browser used is Chrome”.
  2. Should be logged-in as a user for an Imaging Center.
  3. At least one or more patient entries must exist in the system.


  1. If you are a new customer and have just signed-up for tele-radiology services, then Click on the “Search” button as shown below.Else, enter values for one or more fields like Patient Code, Patient Name, Modality, Date Range to help narrow the list of entries that will be retrieved. Then click on the “Search” button as shown below.
  1. You will get a list of entries that are displayed on your screen.
  1. Select one or more patients from the list.
  1. Go to “Operations” section and click on “Lock Reports” button.
  1. Entries for the selected patients will get “locked”. This prevents the Doctor or Radiologist from further editing the report that has been submitted to the Imaging Center. Go back to step#1 and repeat the instruction.  The column “Report Locking Status” will now display a value of “Lock”.
  1. End of instructions.