How to upload images from CT or MRI


  1. Internet Browser used is Chrome”.
  2. Should be logged-in as a user for an Imaging Center.
  3. Images from the modality should be accessible on a computer.
  4. Images from the modality should be in DICOM format.
  5. A zipping utility like WinZip or WinRAR should be available.
  6. Broadband internet connection should be available.


  1. Images from the modality will be stored on the computer under folders corresponding to each patient.
  1. Select a patient folder that contains all the images.
  1. Right-click on the selected patient folder. Select the zip utility like Winzip or WinRAR. (Figure below shows options when WinRAR is installed.)Zip or pack all the images contained in that folder using the zipping utility like WinZip or WinRAR. Or, go to next step.
  1. If right click in above step does not display the options for zipping, you can explicitly launch the zipping utility. Go to Start->All Programs->WinRAR and click on WinRAR application.
  1. WinRAR will start and you will see the following screen. Go to “Add”.
  1. In “Add”, click on “Browse” button and select the location where you will store the zipped file. Here you also specify a name for the zipped file.
  1. In “Add” then go to the “Files” section or tab. Click on “Append” button and select the patient folder that contains the images to be zipped and interpreted.
  1. The zipped file (ending with .rar file extension) gets created and stored at the folder location specified by you.
  1. Now go to the internet site Login as a user of the imaging center. Go to the section “Upload Patient Files”.
  1. Fill in the details required for the patient like – Patient Name, Code, Age, Gender, Complaint, Modality, Body Segment.
  1. Click on the “Upload” button to upload the CT or MRI images (zipped file). Select the zipped file (ending with .rar) from the folder where it was stored in step#6. When the file is uploaded then “Save” all the patient details.
  1. If you are a new customer and have just signed-up for teleradiology services, then Click on the “Search” button as shown below.Else, enter values for one or more fields like Patient Code, Patient Name, Modality, Date Range to help narrow the list of entries that will be retrieved. Then click on the “Search” button as shown below.
  1. You will get a list of entries that are displayed on your screen. Here you will see an entry of the patient for whom you just uploaded the images. This confirms that your file upload procedure successfully completed.
  1. End of instructions.