Get reporting for CT or MRI done online!!

Pay-per-Use Teleradiology Services for Imaging Centers
Is your Radiologist on leave? Or you want a second opinion from an expert? Or is there a sudden spike on your workload? Now there is an easy and convenient way to get your reporting done for modalities like CT and MRI. Upload the images (in DICOM format) produced by your CT/MRI to our website and we will get the reporting done for you by qualified Radiologists on our panel. You will get the report online in a very short time and print it through your local printer.

Subscription based Teleradiology Services for Imaging Centers
Do you want to reduce the operational costs of running your center? Or you want to quickly scale up your team of Radiologists? We can augment your team through our online portal and offer you economical rates if you engage us for long term service.